"I am a frequent world traveler and I am constantly running into problems with power. Many times I will forget to bring an adapter for international outlets and find myself with a dead cell phone for the entire trip.  I don't have to worry about that anymore!"

- Travis Miller


"The team at Panther Creek Trading Company are definitely focused on my needs as a small business owner. Quick access to my financial information is crucial."

- Dave Thomas

"I am beyond happy with this product!"

- Mallory Mckinnie


Our development team is made up of top-notch talent that is focused on innovation, creativity, and user-focused design and interaction.




our mobile charger


our mobile charger

We offer the fastest charging, high capacity mobile device charger on the market. Your cell phone will go from totally dead to 100% charged in about 55 minutes!

Now it was time for the next product launch and the directors were reminded of a very popular product that had flourished in the farmers markets: All-In-One popcorn. A packet of popcorn, oil and all the ingredients that, when popped, had the amazing buttery flavor and texture of popcorn "Just Like At The Movies". So the obvious question was: Can a product that is successful and popular at local farmers markets be successful in e-commerce? The directors were game to find out. But this time, for the much larger e-commerce market, focus groups were created, the FDA and independent laboratories were consulted and packaging providers were involved – all in an effort to create the absolute best tasting and healthy popcorn available for the home and commercial markets. In today's health-conscious world, the decision was made to enhance the flavor with canola oil – touted as the most heart-healthy oil available.
The new product was appropriately branded “PantherPURRfect Popcorn” with a very retro look to the package including a charming nostalgic panther logo. When asked how the new PantherPURRfect product was doing, Miller, co-founder of Panther Creek Trading Co., responded: "It's very exciting! This is just the beginning of a whole new line of snack foods in the popcorn arena, including caramel corn, cheese popcorn, popcorn balls, etc. We're just hanging on for the crazy ride!"

Panther Creek Trading Co. Enjoys A Pleasant Surprise!

October 1, 2015 - Secor, IL -- Sometimes the road to success takes businesses around some strange and exciting corners. Like twists and turns on a carnival ride - they don't see them coming but they enjoy them immensely. That bend in the road came unexpectedly for Panther Creek Trading Company this year when its directors voted to take a sharp turn in the next product launch. It voted to return to its roots, so to speak, for this product and its roots were in the corn field. Popcorn field, that is – rural and local.

Panther Creek Trading Company was born in the local Farmers Markets in central Illinois. It is a venue that is rich in locally grown plants and vegetables that were, perhaps, only hours out of the ground. This was a fine and comfortable start for the company and it prospered there. But it yearned for a larger venue that it discovered in the form of e-commerce - specifically in Amazon.com. Months of studying and training for the e-commerce market were embraced, hurdles were cleared and a new private brand was created for the electronics device market: PantherPower. This line of products took off immediately and developed a large, loyal customer base all over the U.S. with tentacles reaching into Europe and the U.K.


Going Back To Rural Roots Sometimes Yields a Bountiful Harvest!

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